Between the Green


by Wayland Matthew Fox

Publication date: August 31, 2016

Paperback | Ebook

6 x 9 in | ISBN 978-0692772157

Poetry | Nature

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I invite the reader to travel with me into the spaces, into these memories, these projections, down the middle way; the path of forgiveness; the road of genuine faith that comes only through the crucible of doubt. Join me in a sincere quest, a search for the spirit of place and belonging, between the green.

—Wayland Matthew Fox


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“This small book of poetry bears an uncanny resemblance to the Boy/Man I have known and loved for over fifty years. It rattles like hail on a metal roof breaking the trance I was lulled into by the soft rain falling at first. His beautiful dancing, screaming, lilting soul, shines in each verse. I was completely caught off-guard by the power of the raw emotions he first called to the fore then soothed with the lullabies he created. Thank you for allowing me to read this incredibly large small book.”

—Ann Perkins-Parrott, Author, Journalist, Human Being


“Rich in imagery, bringing past and future into the present moment, Between the Green explores the subtle and sublime yearning that lies hidden in every human heart.”

—Dwain Briggs, Musician, Performer, Recording Artist


“These Art Ships made of words will carry the reader into the ocean of night. In this ocean, there is dreamlike luminescent foam everywhere. I was tossed into Oceanus’ Gut; spit out and slammed on the coral reefs, then gently washed ashore, whole and satisfied.”

—Walt Stewart, Certified Leader ManKind Project International, Artist, Singer Songwriter


“Wow, what a volume of moving material in Between the Green. Each piece must be savored and experienced as a balm for what ails the soul. Fox’s words are at once a memoir, a philosophical perspective, an exciting piece of theatre, and most importantly, an offering of healing for all of us who wish to live with compassion and enlightenment.”

—Bob Beare, Ph.D., Executive Director, The Creative Life Institute, Author of The Creative Fire: 10 Weeks to Emotional and Creative Fitness


“Matthew Fox’s recent volume of poetry, Between the Green, is rich soil planted with seeds that New Warriors will recognize from our cultivation of a conscious life. Present here are love and longing, connection, offering and receiving the gift, deep sorrow and loss…and a healthy dose of the Romantics’ passion.”

“There are a number of poems in Between the Green that brought me to tears. Especially powerful for me were tributes to mentors, friends, lovers, and parents, like What a Strange Thing to Do, End of Worship, Full Grown Love, and The Blessing. Fox opens his heart to show, in easy prose, how much things change when we allow ourselves, as men, to sink down into the Spirit Layer that is beneath rigid judgments and fixed perspectives.”

“The poems I enjoyed most in the volume are those that show evolution through a willingness to take apart old stories and use them to enrich the experience of the present moment: self-aware, in reverence, and unfixed. In The Edge, Fox states it very simply, We throw nothing away here, Here on the edge.”

—Boysen Hodgson, Communications & Marketing Lead, ManKind Project USA


About the Author


Photo by David Williams.

Wayland Matthew Fox is a native Texan, married, with 9 children (Blend) 9 grandchildren (Blend), 2 great grandchildren and a huge extended family of friends and loved ones across the US. At present, he is an independent contractor as a sales agent for a large company.

He has spent much of the last 30 years exploring and speaking out about the issues and ramifications of alcoholism, abuse, and addiction. He is the author of a nonfiction book entitled First in the Mind and Heart which chronicles a great personal tragedy and the ensuing victory of life won through faith and determination.

He is active in the ManKind Project and his poetry largely stems from his own personal/spiritual work in what has been termed the mytho-poetic journey of the sacred masculine.

Currently living on Lake Livingston, he stays in touch with childhood friends, loves fishing, gardening, writing poetry, tinkering in his garage, a good argument, and wants to live forever.