Blue Clouds: A Collection of Soul’s Creative Intelligence

by Carolyn Riker

Publication Date: December 1, 2016

Paperback | 6 x 9 in | ISBN


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Blue Clouds is an unleashing and synthesis of one woman’s silent voice, now expressing a fertile repertoire of poems and poignant short essays.

It is a collection of a soul’s deeper creative intelligence. Blue Clouds is a unique form of poetic syntax, divided into five pivotal points of inspiration: Nature, Soul, Dreams, Love and Shadows.

It is undefinable and renders its readers with an unexpected connection to their own emotional exploration.

“Carolyn masterfully translates the beauty of nature and the wonder of the world onto the page. Her work is profound in its simplicity, rich in its starkness and moving in its ability to give the reader pause. This anthology represents her dedication to uniting humanity through the written word.”

—Shanna Atchley-Shafer, BSN, Content Strategist, Writer, Editor at Keypath Education and Rebelle Society

“Carolyn writes to stir the heart. Her words drop down like nectar constantly inviting your desire to know more, to understand more about being human. She weaves poetry and prose in a way that acknowledges you and strengthens your human resolve to move forward in life. After a challenging day, to sit with her words is a soothing balm to the heart and soul.”

—Aparna Khanolkar, Ayurveda Chef and author of Happy Belly, Happy Soul; Spice and A Mother’s Blessing

“Blue Clouds is an extraordinary journey. Powerful poems brimming over with heartfelt, honest and poignant experiences shared by the author. Eloquent and inspirational! Through her poems, Carolyn shows us how to have the courage to communicate our deepest thoughts and emotions with grace and beauty.”

—Pamela McDonough, Vedic Astrologer, Artist and Writer

“Carolyn Riker’s lush verse issues forth from her exquisite sensitivity to rich inner and outer landscapes. Marrying the two with luxurious strokes of words, her poetry overflows with scenic introspections and personal explorations. Laced with delicious ambiguity to where the author ends and nature begins, Blue Clouds emerges as a tour de force debut collection of poems eliciting this effect: Encore!”

—Catherine (Ghosh) Schweig, Founder of the Journey of the Heart Poetry Project

“Carolyn Riker has a way of transporting her readers to places they knew not how to get to but once they arrive, it is as though déjà vu has struck them. They recognize things, places, moods, emotions and self. She writes of her own experiences but has a way of touching the heart, mind and soul of her readers. Each reader seems to recognize themselves in her. Her word path is the key to self-actualization, recognition and acceptance. Carolyn accentuates the self and the realization that we are all much more alike than different.”

—Robert Flesher, Retired Special Education Teacher

“What to say about the brilliance of Carolyn Riker’s writing? It is the sheer elegance and eloquence of magical words and lyrics; her passages of moments expand the reader’s heart into spaces of wisdom and serenity. Reading Carolyn’s work is walking into the mystic adventure of depths unknown and known.”

—Jennifer Hillman, Writer, Intuitive Coach and Host of Abstract Illusions Radio

“Carolyn Riker is a woman who believes so fully in the aching beauty of each one of us, she generously unfurls her heart across the page offering up these word-droplets of soul’s blood she calls poems. She invites us inward, outward, and onward along exquisite trails of language used in lusciously surprising ways, inciting insight and flashes of awe. One moment ethereal, the next streaming intelligent presence. Each piece in Blue Clouds is a sensory invitation to pause and become deeply present.”

—Tracie Nichols, M.A., IAC

“With some artists the veil is thin. With Carolyn, there is no veil. When I read Carolyn I feel like a soul not contained in a body. Her words read like a prayer. On days when I don’t have the time to meditate or do my yoga, I pay Carolyn a visit. Word artists are our modern day healers. She is a healer, a lover of life: Real, sharp and true.”

—Sawsan Obeid-Zeki, Translator

“If there is a heaven carved out just for poets of persuasion, Carolyn Riker would certainly be floating on the highest and most sublime cloud and rainbow of colorful prose. Her words are woven in such a manner as to give the audience imagery, substance and feelings of grandeur. She is not merely a poet, but an incredibly wonderful human being, full of spirit and energy that comes through in all that she shares on paper. Nature, and us as an audience, is blessed to have her gift of poetry.”

—Gerry Ellen, author of Ripple Effects and A Big Piece of Driftwood

“Carolyn’s lyrical words are like soft air moving through you, gently cleansing away the cobwebs and dust of the mundane. This gorgeous book was a gentle invitation and reintroduction back into the rhythms of nature, the world, the heart, and the often forgotten space of tender feeling. Equal parts loving and powerful.”

—Victoria Erickson, Author Rhythms and Roads

“After reading Carolyn Riker’s Blue Clouds: A Collection of Soul’s Creative Intelligence, it is like reading Poetry for my Spirit, the words do speak to my very soul, touching the parts that when you listen have much to share in the quiet moments. It is like stepping outside and having the breeze touch your skin, gently and awakens you to the special moments that we sometimes miss when we are not paying attention.”

—Maria Therase Cucinotta, Director of Femme International

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About the Author


Carolyn (Riker) Avalani, MA, LMHC, is a teacher, counselor, writer, and poet. In 1992, Carolyn completed her graduate studies in Psychological Services & Counseling, from Marymount University, Arlington VA. She pursued post-graduate studies at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 1994. After moving to Seattle, WA in 1996, she became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Her poetry and essays have appeared namely in Women’s Spiritual Poetry Blog, Rebelle Society, elephant journal, and four anthologies.

Carolyn worked for several years as a Psychiatric Counselor with a local hospital in Virginia. Additionally, she volunteered as an advocate for women and children of domestic violence and provided crisis intervention, education, and support. Later she became a Domestic Relations Counselor for the 18th District Court in Alexandria, VA. For the next three years, she provided her expertise on court-ordered counseling and mediation for families of domestic violence. Leaving the east coast, in 1996 and moving to the Seattle area, Carolyn became a therapist for a nonprofit counseling organization as well as a private school counselor. In addition to individual and couples counseling, she facilitated creative writing workshops.

Carolyn is currently in private practice offering counseling, journal writing workshops, and creative writing services via phone, Skype or Zoom.

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