Erotic Papyrus

Return of the Goddess

by Sonja Phillips-Hollie

Publication Date: July 16, 2017
Paperback | 184 pages | 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches
ISBN-13: 978-0998976617
Ebook Kindle edition
Erotic Poetry | Love | Spiritual

“Let the Goddess Sonja connect with your kundalini energy with her unique and sensual writing style! Her words stimulate both the root and third eye chakras as her words take your mind deep to its pleasure centers. She has a way of allowing your mind to release its inhibitions and she guides you on an erotic yet sensual journey! Each poem is just one of many perspectives we all encounter. It’s as though she recounts past life love experiences that connect with you so deeply, your brain releases oxytocin and endorphins as her words take you on a spiritually sexual pilgrimage to your inner most desires. As she lures you into her corridors there’s no return; release and enjoy as you learn about yourself in her writings!” —André D. Henderson, Advanced iNERGIES LLC

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Sonja is a rising poetess, a free spirit, dreamer, and spiritualist. She was born in Chicago and now resides in Texas with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Although she fell in love with words at a very young age, she didn’t become interested in writing poetry until after winning a poetry recital contest in high school. She has an unusual style of poetry, mystical, passionate, otherworldly. Her words are divinely inspired. Several of her poems were selected to be published in an August 2015 Anthology of the poetesses called: “Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry” edited by Catherine (Ghosh) Schweig. Sonja holds a B.A. in Spanish though her life’s passion is poetry. She hopes to inspire women all around the globe to awaken to the inner goddess.

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Sonja is also the author of Living Poetry.