GODDESS: When She Rules

Expressions by Contemporary Women

Edited by Catherine L. Schweig with Tammy Stone Takahashi, Julia W. Prentice, and Sandra M. Allagapen

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Goddesses | Divine Feminine

This is the fourth anthology to emerge from the Journey of the Heart Poetry Project

Contributors to this volume share moving personal stories, reflections and poetry exploring and defining the role the goddess plays in each of their lives. Through diverse and evolving relationships with archetypal goddesses, mythical goddesses and the inner goddesses they identify with most, women reveal when and how they feel intimately connected with the sacred feminine.

Together, their words echo worldwide efforts aimed at ushering in a new paradigm for peace in which the feminine principles of creativity, receptivity, intuition and wisdom—independent of gender—rise to prominence. As we hear the authors reclaim might and magic, the resurgence of the goddess is unmistakable in their impassioned writings.

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About the Editors

Catherine L. Schweig

Catherine is founder of the “Journey of the Heart Poetry Project,” an online forum where women’s voices are honored through sharing poetry. This book is the fourth in a series of anthologies to emerge from that project. Catherine’s relationship with Nature and the Goddess Radha are at the heart of her spiritual journey.

Tammy Stone Takahashi

Tammy currently lives in Japan. She loves to express her passion and curiosity through photography, journaling and slow stitching. Her poetry and short stories have been widely published and anthologized, and she has authored two poetry books, Formation: Along the Ganges and Back Again, and Little Poems for Big Seasons.

Julia W. Prentice

A deeply feeling Cancer, Julia lives in CA with her soulmate and current furry companion. A former ASL interpreter, current passionate peer supporter of persons with mental health challenges and knitter, crafter and singer. Always driven to write, she writes like breathing: in ragged gasps, deep inhalations, half-voiced whispers.

Sandra M. Allagapen

Sandra comes from Mauritius where most of her family still lives. She considers herself truly blessed to have come from a lineage of strong, kind and loving women and men, who have given her the courage to listen to the call of her spirit and move to England. Since then, she has achieved more dreams than she ever thought possible, but her family is still what she is most proud of. She dreams of spending more time in Italy one day and loves books, crystals and autumn evenings.

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Q & A with Catherine L. Schweig

What inspired Goddess: When She Rules?

The genesis of this book was in the uplifting spirit of the Journey of the Heart women’s spiritual poetry community. The participants unite in a sisterhood that spontaneously reverberates with Goddess energy! Many of them speak of a sense of feeling nurtured and empowered as a result of their participation. It was only a matter of time, therefore, before the request for a Goddess anthology fell upon the sisterhood’s fertile soil. Additionally, the Goddess is a subject very dear to my heart. As I mention in the book’s Introduction, I’ve always wondered what our world would be like if the feminine were honored more; if our leaderships were not as patriarchal, if the Goddess-like qualities of compassion, empathy, and nurturing were more abundant in our nations, in our communities, and, ultimately, in our hearts.

Tell us more about this wonderful project that this fourth anthology came out of.

The Journey of the Heart project came about, in part, because I was suffering from writer’s block. In my inability to release my own voice as much as I wanted to, the idea occurred to me of creating a forum in which women would feel welcomed to express themselves freely and comfortably. If I wasn’t sharing my own voice, I thought, at least I could publish the voices of others. The subsequent growth of the project was completely unexpected!

Over the last five years that this online sisterhood has thrived many of the participants have written to me with appreciations about the positive feedback, support, encouragement and friendship they experienced as a result of connecting themselves with the project. A common thread shared among them was the sensation that a part of them that was once dormant—a goddess-like part—had been awakened, and was ready to rise, to emerge, to “rule,” if you will. And so it was that this Goddess anthology emerged!

This anthology explores and defines the role the goddess plays in women’s lives; in which ways the goddess has influenced your life?

Oh my! The Goddess has certainly influenced my life in more ways than I can express here. I do name some of them in the book. Perhaps I’ll begin by saying that in my early 20’s I traveled to India to meet with my spiritual teacher, who lived in a little ashram by the sea in the state of Orissa. There he blessed me with a Sanskrit name that means “Servant of the Goddess.” Ever since then, I have tried my best to live up to my namesake!

What does it mean to be a servant of the Goddess? Well, in the traditional sense—as this name giving ceremony marked my entrance into the formal practice of Bhakti Yoga—being a servant of the Goddess means serving Radha. Radha is Sanskrit for the Supreme Feminine Divine. While I aspire to serve Radha in all the ways that the Bhakti tradition exalts, I also serve her in by inspiring others to open and express their hearts. This is the spirit with which I run the Journey of the Heart Poetry Project.

Tell us about some of the different goddess names and myths that are included in this book.

The book is divided into three eventful sections: The Eternal Goddess, The Mythical Goddess, and the Goddess Within. The middle section—right at the heart of the book—overflows with mentions of specific goddesses like Lilith, Persephone, Demeter, Kali, Bloudewedd, Pele, Diana, Gaia, Ix, Hera, Holda, Amaterasu, Venus, Alethia, Aphrodite, Durga, Iris, Laxshmi, Sophia, and Radha. The authors also paint intimate portraits of Mary Magdalene, Brigid, Mother Nature, the moon goddess, river goddesses, mountain goddesses, goddesses awakening with each woman, etc, etc. It’s a diverse and colorful collection for sure!

Books are great gifts for the holidays, who do you think will benefit from reading this anthology?

I believe that this book holds the potential to speak to anyone eager to learn more about the beauty and power of the divine feminine and how she appears in the lives of women all over the world. It beckons those with an open mind about the goddess and the many ways in which we experience her. It especially reaches out, perhaps, to readers (of any gender) who crave connection with that healing and nourishing goddess-energy our world is so very hungry for. And if you are searching for the goddess within your own life, this book may very well help you recognize the many ways in which she is already present.

What are you working on next?

I always like working on multiple book projects at once, as usually my projects inform one another, or enter into dialogue with each other. As such, I have several books in the making. Sometimes, working on a book will prepare me for another book. It often seems to me that the book projects I undertake come on their own accord, without my planning them: a somewhat mystical process that has its own timeframe and its own spontaneous direction. All I need to do is listen and surrender to their flow. For my next project, I think I’ll wait until the calling is louder before announcing it.

What book are you reading now?

I am also guilty of reading more than one book at once, depending on my mood. On my nightstand I currently have: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain, Where the Past Begins: A Writer’s Memoir by Amy Tan, Before we Visit the Goddess by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Njinga of Angola: Africa’s Warrior Queen by Linda M. Heywood, and Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence by Rick Hanson.