It is You Searching for You

When Life Collapses and Pain Moves You to Start a New Journey

 by Ilda Dashi

Paperback | 296 pages | 6 x 9 in | ISBN 978-1542938761 
Ebook edition available (Ebook is a publication of Golden Dragonfly Press)

Poetry | Inspiration | Personal Growth | Mental Health

A collection of raw poems & reflections for a life that is no more and the search to create a new one.

“When you feel a lingering kind of pain challenging you in your most vulnerable moments, know that it is you searching for yourself. Like all quests, the search for your self brings about pain. But along with pain, there will be illuminating discoveries, like realizing that a part of you is missing your own love, care, and acceptance. When there’s pain inside, know that it reflects the pieces of your puzzle that you have denied or condemned: fragments from your past that you never accepted because of fear. But there is no need to fear pain because pain is not some abstract concept that is foreign to you. Instead, it is closer to you than anything else. So why not use pain as your compass instead of running away from it? Trust it. Embrace the process. Allow life to guide you from within now. That’s your new start. That’s the journey of your searching for you. Come with me and I’ll show you.”
—Ilda Dashi



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Ilda Dashi is a former journalist/reporter, freelance writer, poet, free-thinker and freedom lover. Having graduated in journalism with a masters degree, and holding a bachelor degree in psychology, she has a rich experience of ten years of expertise in the field of broadcasting media (TV and radio) covering mostly the economic, political, and social issues in her country of Albania.

After much reflection, Ilda left these two careers to dedicate her time and energy to exploring the science of the soul, inner growth, meditation, and healing. She has published her poems, articles, reflections, and prose in various online journals and blogs including the Elephant Journal and Journey of the Heart Women’s Spiritual Poetry.

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Q & A with Ilda Dashi

Q. When did you start writing poetry?

A. I wrote my first poem when I was 8 years old.

Q. Do you write every single day? Any writing rituals?

A. I do not follow any writing rituals, because the inspiration to write comes spontaneously to me, just like breathing.
… the inspiration to write comes spontaneously to me, just like breathing

Q. What advice can you offer new writers just starting out?

A. Write what you cannot express in any other way. Write raw and honest pieces that are your direct experience in life and then share that with others. Don’t think if it will make you money or if it will make you famous. Know that your writings will go to the “right’’ hearts that need to hear your messages and get inspired or motivated by them.
Write what you cannot express in any other way.

Q. What inspired the title of your poetry book?

A. A poem I wrote a year ago. The poem is part of the book and has the same title It is You Searching for You. When I decided to make a collection of all my work and turn it into a book then intuitively, I knew that this was going to be the title of my first book. Also, because the main message of the book is exactly this: to search for oneself, whatever this search may mean to you.

Q. How long did it take to write the book?

A. It took me almost two years to write it, organize it, and then compose the book.

Q. Of all the poems in your book, what’s your favorite?

A. I cannot tell what is my favorite poem is because all of them are pieces of my heart, expressed through my feelings and thoughts in words. But perhaps I can say the poem that holds the same book’s title as I mentioned earlier.
…all of them are pieces of my heart…

Q. As a poet, where do you find your greatest sources of inspiration?

A. My life, my daily experiences and the way they affect me emotionally and mentally…almost anything can be a source of inspiration to me, even a cup of coffee…!
…almost anything can be a source of inspiration to me, even a cup of coffee…!

Q. Which poets inspire you most and why?

A. David Whyte is one of my few favorites because there is such a depth and great sensitivity in his words that invite you to read more while allowing you to question what you already know.

Q. What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

A. The Book of Women by Osho who was an Indian spiritual master (guru) has been one of my very dear books I have ever read so far. Elisabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love has also inspired me a lot through finding pieces of myself in her words, journeys, and searching for her own self around the world.

Q. If you could spend a day as anyone besides yourself, who would it be and why?

A. Perhaps I’d like to be the Alice in Wonderland  …to experience her adventures and gain new perspectives in the underground of life…which analogically can be said about the Mystery of Life or that unknown part of life that makes you fearless and shows you the path of the warrior beyond illusions and battles. Alice experienced her so-called real life and the life of the wonderland…which can be said was surreal…but I guess she knew what she was doing and coming from the wonderland she realized her “real life’’ was less real than the one she spent in her dreams, let’s say. A perfect example to see both sides of life and go beyond both: illusion and reality, or darkness and light. So yes, I would love to be Alice in Wonderland for one day.
I would love to be Alice in Wonderland for one day.

Q. Are you working on any other books or projects currently?

A. I’m writing every day, new poems, pieces, prose, and quotes but I have no new project in my mind at this time. I will begin soon to work on a piece for one project I have been invited to share my work. It is a project called The Goddess, directed by my friend and the woman who did a great job at editing my book, the founder of the Journey of the Heart Women’s Spiritual Poetry, Catherine Schweig.