Living Poetry

Perceptions of a Goddess

by Sonja Phillips-Hollie

Publication date: October 25, 2016

Paperback | Ebook

6 x 9 in | ISBN 978-0692792247

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The Goddess and her poems desire to make a difference in someone’s life through her words in poetic form. Her poems are a combination of thoughts from her life experiences, universal knowledge from accessing her Akashic Records, Love, and Spirituality. The world needs an injection of LOVE which the Goddess seeps into the reader through her words. Sonja understands that art is subjective and her words clarifies love from the platonic to the erotic! Allow your soul to be enriched by traveling on a journey of emotions as you indulge your self in her writings that delivers what the world needs more of…LOVE!

—Andre D. Henderson, Sr., Engineer & Business Owner

Poet Sonja Phillips’ dazzling poems are unabashed syntheses of the sensitive, sensual and spiritual elements within us all. Often Rumi-esque, and sprinkled with powerful evocative imagery and quiet healing corners, her living words dare us to plumb mystery depths of love, and impel us to come soar with her spirit to the stars.

—Tracy Beh

There is a quietness in the Universe, a small almost silent whisper, a loud noise would cause worlds to shift, the communication of the Gods is the echo of vibrations. The Poetry of Sonja Phillips is one of the vibrations of the Universe, She is a Creator Goddess, Benevolent, Immortal and we are graced by her presence.

—Ezzard Charles Donahue

Sonja is a thought wrenching poet whose worlds touch your intellect like a butterscotch biscuit, filling you with quality emotions that stay with you even after reading a piece. Her soulful poetry is somewhat my favorite because I feel connected to her when I read her words…It’s like having a kindred spirit through cyberspace delivering me with a consoling nature. And not only consoling but she almost soothes my soul when I read her words.

—Jasmin Peart

When a woman’s essence is brought to light, it is an expression of her soul. Sonja is writing with purpose to season our solar journey with creativity, and evoke our eroticism to feel free. I feel honored to witness her awakening. May the creator continue to embrace the essence of this extraordinary woman. Hotep to all.

—Ezra Blackwell

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About the Author

Sonja is a rising poetess, a free spirit, dreamer and spiritualist. She was born in Chicago and now resides in Texas with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Although, she fell in love with words at a very young age, she didn’t become interested in writing poetry until after winning a poetry recital contest in high school. She has an unusual style of poetry, mystical, passionate, otherworldly. Her words are divinely inspired. Several of her poems were selected to be published in an August, 2015 Anthology of the poetesses called: “Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry” edited by Catherine (Ghosh) Schweig. Sonja holds a B.A. in Spanish though her life’s passion is poetry. She hopes to inspire women all around the globe to awaken to the inner goddess.


“Sonnets and Poems of a Goddess”

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