Q & A

Lalitha Donatella Riback

Italian born, Lalitha Donatella Riback is a life coach, writer, Vedic astrologer, Ayurveda consultant, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher in New York City. She is also a world traveler with a great passion for India and has been studying Indian spirituality since 1993. She is the founder of ShreemLab, which provides live Vedic astrology consultations, and online spiritual and life coaching programs.

Fateme Banishoeib

Fateme Banishoeib is a Business heARTist and the founder of ReNEW Business a creative laboratory and consulting firm on a mission to make business a more human experience. Fateme brings the heart and the mind of a polymath to organisational development: a trained organic chemist’s astute analytic capacity to manage complexity & high quality with a published poet’s human sensibility to inspire the human being at the center of any thriving organization.

Tammy Takahashi

Tammy Takahashi is a writer, poet, photographer, and student of life. Her short stories and poems have been widely published and anthologized and she has worked on several anthologies as co-editor. Her published works include a book of photography, Tag it! Toronto: A City’s Imagination Revolution (2009), and the poetry collections Formation: Along the Ganges and Back Again (2015) and Little Poems for Big Seasons (2016). She is based in Canada and Japan.

Catherine L. Schweig

Catherine is founder of the “Journey of the Heart Poetry Project,” an online forum where women’s voices are honored through sharing poetry. This book is the fourth in a series of anthologies to emerge from that project. Catherine’s relationship with Nature and the Goddess Radha are at the heart of her spiritual journey.

Carolyn Riker & BethAnne Kapansky Wright

Carolyn (Riker) Avalani, M.A., LMHC is originally from the East Coast and transplanted to the Pacific Northwest in 1996. Carolyn has a private counseling practice and is also an educator and writing coach. She’s an advocate for justice and spokesperson against racism and sexism. She’s written for numerous journals and anthologies. Carolyn is a poet, a lover of music, nature and the author of Blue Clouds: A Collection of Soul’s Creative Intelligence. Her second book of poems, quotes, prose, and tidbits of wisdom is evolving under the supervision of her house lion, Copper. It is a pleasure and honor to collaborate with BethAnne, as co-editor and contributor of Hidden Lights, where voices and stories need to be shared and heard. Visit the facebook page.

BethAnne Kapansky Wright, Psy.D., LP is a Clinical Psychologist who recently closed her private practice in Anchorage, Alaska to move to the island of Kauai, where she is planning on continuing to run a small practice and expand into new creative and spiritual opportunities. She specializes in life transitions, trauma, grief work, spirituality, and finding healing in our relationships, especially our relationship with our self. BethAnne is an artist and illustrator and the author of several books including Lamentations of the Sea: 111 Passages on Love, Loss and Letting Go and Heliotrope Nights: Starlight for the Mind and Soul. She is exceedingly grateful and happy to have combined forces with Carolyn and to have had the opportunity to be a co-editor of the Hidden Lights anthology project. Visit Island Songs and Little Blonde Girl Designs.

Krishna Kanta Dasi (Catherine L. Schweig) 

Krishna Kanta Dasi (Catherine L. Schweig) has been practicing bhakti yoga since 1986, and was initiated into the Chaitanya Vaishnava tradition in 1990. Passionate about inspiring women to honor their voices, she founded the Vaishnavi Voices Poetry Project. In 2012 Krishna Kanta started the Journey of the Heart: Women’s Spiritual Poetry online community, for which she has edited and published four anthologies of women’s writings.

Dr. BethAnne K.W.

BethAnne Kapansky Wright is a Clinical Psychologist who enjoys writing, illustrating and creating. She specializes in women’s issues, life transitions, trauma, grief work, and finding healing in our relationships, especially our relationship with our self. She believes in authenticity, intuition, the power of love, finding joy, and learning to be more fully human.

She is the author of Lamentations of The Seafreebird fridays, and Cranberry Dusk. She is transitioning from life in Anchorage Alaska to life in Kauai where she, her husband, and their fur kids will always find beaches, ocean, and rainbows.

Ilda Dashi

Ilda Dashi is a former journalist/reporter, freelance writer, poet, free-thinker and freedom lover. Having graduated in journalism with a masters degree, and holding a bachelor degree in psychology, she has a rich experience of ten years of expertise in the field of broadcasting media (TV and radio) covering mostly the economic, political, and social issues in her country of Albania.

After much reflection, Ilda left these two careers to dedicate her time and energy to exploring the science of the soul, inner growth, meditation, and healing. She has published her poems, articles, reflections, and prose in various online journals and blogs including the Elephant Journal and Journey of the Heart Women’s Spiritual Poetry.

Taya Malakian, Gopalpreet

Taya Malakian, Gopalpreet, is a devotee of yoga, mysticism, and the natural world. She has been writing poetry for as long as she could write in an effort to capture the beauty and sorrows of this world.

She is also author of Sutra of Stars: Poems that Whisper Infinity and has published some of her poems in the anthology Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry edited by Catherine (Ghosh) Schweig.

Taya teaches weekly classes at Wild Mountain Yoga in Nevada City, California, and in-depth workshops, private sessions, and facilitates yoga retreats.

Dr. BethAnne K.W.

Dr. BethAnne Kapansky Wright is a Clinical Psychologist who enjoys writing, illustrating, and creating. She specializes in dealing with women’s issues, life transitions, trauma, grief work, and finding healing in our relationships, particularly our relationship with our self. She believes in authenticity, intuition, the power of love, finding laughter and joy, and learning to be more fully human.

She currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her soul mate and their furkids and is planning a move in the near future to the beautiful island of Kauai so she will always find beaches, ocean, and rainbows.