She Is the Moon

A Journey of Self-Discovery

by Sophie Gregoire

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“This book is a collection of poems, discoveries and thoughts that I wrote on a journey back to myself. Those words were written in many different places of the world and at different times between the years 2015 and 2018. They traveled with me. They are abrupt, inconsistent and scattered sometimes. As if we could only retrieve who we are and reveal our own puzzle by regathering pieces, both out there in the world—and deep inside ourselves, in the recesses of our psyche. They are displayed here as they sounded right and organized in the light of today, and not properly in a chronological manner because, this is a story of many spirals and often we come back to old lands to find something new.” — Sophie Gregoire

About Sophie Gregoire

Sophie Gregoire

SOPHIE GREGOIRE is a spiritual seeker and intuitive healer. She believes that our main purpose in life is joy–and that our joy is found in being, or remembering, our authentic self. Her passion is to help spiritual seekers connect to their purpose and reclaim their inner ability to live their own greatest life. Sophie has discovered her intuitive gifts and wisdom through a continued journey of love, of worldwide explorations and of constant introspection and self-realization in order to heal. Her work focuses on empowering others through a broad healing approach which reconciliates the contributions of spirituality and of science-based knowledge.

“A reverential and soulful book that brings the reader back into their heart. It is an invitation to deep feeling.”

—Jeff Brown, author of Grounded Spirituality

She Is the Moon is a beautiful book that takes you to the inner fields, waters, and dreams of the heart through poetic storytelling. Sophie has a way of giving gentle answers through delicious imagery to questions we hadn’t dared asked or allowed ourselves to feel just yet. Her mastery with understanding the cycling energies of relationships and journeys of and through the Self is deeply felt through every page. This is a book to return to on both light and dark days as you will find warmth, inspiration, and feminine magic that holds you again and again in its knowing.”

—Victoria Erickson, author of Edge of Wonder and Rhythms and Roads

“Sometimes we stumble on something so evocatively mystical that all we can do is fall into the realm of our own beingness with fresh realizations of how truly precious it is to be alive. That is how I feel about Sophie’s devotion to her craft. It brings those of us who know her into understanding ourselves more gracefully and those new to her, onto a new, enlightening journey. Bravo!

—Monika Carless, intuitive, author of the Dark Pool trilogy

Sophie is a divinely connected Intuitive Channel and voice for the howling Feminine within us all. With this text, she has spoken so deeply to the cravings of the collective feminine soul to be expressed fully in all of her glory, nuance, emotion, and depth. This is an offering to the heart of many, and a gorgeous journey into the very essence of what it means to feel deeply, live fully, and honor oneself relentlessly. Ultimately, it calls our hearts back to the Truth, which is that the home and the peace we all seek reveals herself within. Thank you Sophie!”

—Robin Lee, author of Mermaid Magic

Sophie Gregoire’s words transport to the core of truth–to the place where love, vulnerability, and openness burst into consciousness. With an artist’s stroke, she paints a picture of the human soul, gives form to the subtle expressions of the heart. Her poems are hands holding us tight, welcoming all on a shared journey back to self. She Is The Moon is a gift–a deep inhale of life itself.

—Harmony Verna, author of Daughter of Australia and Beneath the Apple Leaves

“I have worked with and known Sophie for many years. This is her labor of love and her rich and authentic journey back to the self. Her free spirited nature is like no other. She is highly intuitive and experienced in all areas of life and love. Sophie always takes you on a journey of freedom and helps you get to the deep down root of all things holding you back from connecting to your highest self. She is kind, loving and brilliant! There are truly no words to describe Sophie’s insight into the heart & soul. She is a master! A real gift to our world.

—Becky Hernandez, Intuitive Healer & Freedom Writer