The Forgotten Love

Poems of Love & Longing

by Taya Malakian, Gopalpreet

Paperback | 132 pages | 6 x 9 in | ISBN 978-0692828533
Available in Ebook
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In the vein of mystical poets like Rumi and Mirabai, Taya Malakian, also known by her spiritual name Gopalpreet, boldly writes from deep in the heart and shares the soulful songs of our collective happiness and sorrows. In The Forgotten Love: Poems of Love & Longing, she shines light into the deepest wounds and calls forth the hope of the truest love.



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Taya Malakian, Gopalpreet, is a devotee of yoga, mysticism, and the natural world. She has been writing poetry for as long as she could write in an effort to capture the beauty and sorrows of this world.

She is also author of Sutra of Stars: Poems that Whisper Infinity and has published some of her poems in the anthology Where Journeys Meet: The Voice of Women’s Poetry edited by Catherine (Ghosh) Schweig.

Taya teaches weekly classes at Wild Mountain Yoga in Nevada City, California, and in-depth workshops, private sessions, and facilitates yoga retreats.

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Q & A with Taya Malakian Gopalpreet

Q. When did you start writing poetry?

A. I started writing poetry and short stories in 5th grade. I was a painfully shy child at school so it really surprised my teacher that I had so much to say! Poetry gave me a chance to put my thoughts and experiences into words that were too hard for me to speak out loud.

Q. Do you write every single day? Any writing rituals?

A. I do write almost every single day. Words come through as I am working or running errands or teaching yoga and I try to catch them on scraps of paper or by sending myself messages or repeating them over and over until I can do either of the above. There are certain days where many poems want to come through and others where just a few words come to me. I read poetry on the days that my own poetry doesn’t seem to be flowing. The first poem in The Forgotten Love is called They Come Like Rain and that speaks to creativity’s always changing the flow.

Q. What advice can you offer new writers just starting out?

A. Give yourself some time to be quiet each day—either in meditation or walking in nature. That is where inspiration comes from—the quiet and stillness inside.

When Creativity sees you are listening it will share Its wonders with you! Be sure to listen and write down whatever comes through so show that you are honoring this exchange!

Q. What inspired the title of your poetry book?

A. The poem The Forgotten Love came through one day and inspired me to collect some of my poems about Love and the Longing for connection—with each other and with Spirit, the Divine, Creator. I think we can be limited in our definition of what love is and I wanted to explore a bigger definition for myself and to help others do the same.

I think the poems are really relatable because no matter who we are we have all had experiences of deep love and unbearable heartbreak. When we can acknowledge that in ourselves we can connect much deeper with each person we meet.

Q. How long did it take to write the book?

A. These poems came through in about a six month period. Once inspiration flows it doesn’t stop. I have many more poems to share and another book of poetry called Sutra of Stars which also came through in about the same amount of time!

Q. Of all the poems in your book, what’s your favorite?

A. Oh, that is hard! The Soul’s Poem is the first one that comes to mind and then A Thousand Steps to Spirit. Those two capture what my goal as a yoga teacher is in each class— to offer the path back to Self and Spirit. The funny thing is that the poems that I might not like so much are the ones that really speak to others. My job is to make sure those poems find their people!

What my goal as a yoga teacher is in each class— to offer the path back to Self and Spirit

Q. As a poet, where do you find your greatest sources of inspiration?

A. Nature is always sharing its poetry with us. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful area with rivers and mountains that offer such inspiration. Yoga and Meditation offer a deep source of inspiration. Mystical poets across centuries and around the world have been a profound source of inspiration to me, and of course human connections, they are so intricate and complex, and yet they all are striving for Love.

Q. Which poets inspire you most and why?

A. Rumi, Mirabai, Rabia, Hafiz, St. Teresa, Meister Eckhart for their mystical devotion and painfully beautiful poetry.

Pablo Neruda for his unapologetic sensuality.

Maya Angelou for her bravery and her ability to take pain and confusion and digest it into love.

Mary Oliver for her wise eyes and words inspired by the beauty of nature.

John O’ Donohue because he has the perfect words for every experience.

Q. What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

A. The Subject Tonight is Love by Hafiz, The Love Poems To God, The Mistress of Spices, anything by Isabel Allende, Tom Robbins, Elizabeth Gilbert.

Every book I have read has contributed to my writing.

Q. As a yoga teacher, what would you say to someone who’s never tried yoga to encourage them to try it?

A. Yes! Yoga is so much more than just stretching—it means Union—all of yourself with all of Creation. To me, that is everything we are here to experience so devoting some part of the day to cultivating that awareness is essential. A simple practice of some kriyas and meditation can change your whole life. I always tell students we don’t do yoga to be good at yoga, we do yoga to be better at whatever it is we love to do. That is a bigger motivation!

I hope to be offering classes online too in addition to the classes and workshops I teach here in Northern California to make it even easier to experience that.

I always tell students we don’t do yoga to be good at yoga, we do yoga to be better at whatever it is we love to do.

Q. If you could spend a day as anyone besides yourself, who would it be and why?

A. Oh wow! What a great question! Frida Kahlo comes to mind! She took her pain and made it so beautiful that we cannot help but love her. I would love to experience her passion and fierce nature. Maya Angelou too! She lived such a full and amazing life! Both women have left a lasting legacy of their artistry that I admire to no end!

Q. Are you working on any other books or projects currently?

A. Yes, I have another book that is focused more on poetry for Social Change. Seems so necessary in these times to call on our higher wisdom to strive for a more beautiful and sustainable way for us to be here on this planet together. The working title is When The Soul Is Stirring. It is from a poem about those moments when the Soul’s call cannot be ignored and we must let the mind step aside to live a more authentic life. That is what this life is all about!

Poetry for Social Change…so necessary in these times to call on our higher wisdom to strive for a more beautiful and sustainable way for us to be here on this planet together.