Poetry & Prose

by Carolyn Riker

Paperback | 150 pages | 6 x 9 inches
PB ISBN 978–0–9989766–7–9
Ebook ISBN 978-09989766-9-3
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This is Love will speak to you for it is ageless and true. This is Love, is Carolyn Riker’s second, full-length book of poetry and prose. There are three sections where she conveys the art of self-love, how love is everywhere, and the invariable highs and lows of relationships. She writes about love from a field of colors as seen from her soul; it’s not all pretty.

Her poetry gives you a range of betrayal’s bitter taste and how the heart aches coupling each section with her fondest companions: dreams, nature, art, and music.

She instinctively relies on imagination and rekindles the depths of love’s astounding abilities. With full transparency, she writes from a place of what love has taught her and what love isn’t.

About the Author

Carolyn (Riker) Avalani, MA, LMHC, is a writer, counselor and teacher residing in the Pacific Northwest. Her poetry and prose have appeared in various journals and five anthologies. This is Love will be her second collection of poetry and prose. Her first, Blue Clouds, was published in 2016. Carolyn has a vivid imagination, supported well by her plump ginger cat. She has a private counseling practice and also provides writing workshops. Her third and fourth book of poems are in the incubation phase of unfolding their truths.

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