Transformations of The Sun

122 passages on finding new life after loss

by Dr. BethAnne K.W.

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Publication date: August 14, 2018KINDLE
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Grief & Bereavement
Love & Loss

In the sequel to the grief book Lamentations of The Sea, BethAnne’s latest collection of personal essays, poetry, prose and reflections tells the story of who she became after the death of her brother. Picking up a year after her loss, Transformations of The Sun is a story of personal transformation and spiritual evolution, which follows the author from Alaska to Kauai as she sets out to start over and find herself anew.

With themes of complex grief, spirituality, love and becoming, Transformations explores the nebulous space of change with fierce vulnerability and brave heart. If Lamentations navigates through the depths of grief, Transformations takes the reader on a journey of winged metamorphosis from caterpillar to cocoon’s core.

About Dr. BethAnne K.W.

Dr. BethAnne K.W. is a psychologist, intuitive, creative, and writer living on the magical island of Kauai. She specializes in grief work; creativity and being; personal artistry and spirituality; supporting others in finding their soul calling; and transcendental psychology, a multi-dimensional approach to healing. She is a big believer in love, joy, rainbows, time in nature, and listening to the songs of the ocean. She is extraordinarily grateful for the love and support of her husband and their three furkids.

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